Power Plant Engineering By P K Nag Download ebook PDF Free

Power Plant Engineering is the essential subject for Thermal Power engineer as well as a great mechanical engineering it is the study of Power generation through mechanical methods. this subjects includes the conventional as well as unconventional methods of energy generation. We all know the energy and light is a our important need for human survival. we cant think to live without power. as it our basic need
so it is essential to maximize the production of power so that each and every people of country take the advantage. for having a good mechanical engineer it is essential to keep in mind power production methods should best and not expensive. Also not to harm our beautiful ecosystem.

Power Plant Engineering by P K NAG matter it content  

The book published by tata mcgrawhill publication power plant engineering author p k nag has best book for power plant subjects. this book deal with the how power is produced through effective methods. this illustrated the all possible concept and method efficiently. 

This book contain the economic cost analysis of power production, economic heat rate analysis 
economic fuel consumption analysis. various types load calculation. load curves estimation variable load consideration plant selection and its effective design

this book also provide fuel and combustion analysis. and their heating parameters values

Power Plant Engineering By P K Nag Download ebook PDF Free
                                                                               DOWNLOAD LINK
                                                               Author:  P K Nag         Pub: TMH       Pages 998


review of thermodynamics
fuel and combustion analysis
power plant economics and consideration
steam power plant
layout and design of power plant
types of steam generating equipment's
boiler and its various types high and low pressure boiler
critical and non critical boiler
coal handling system pulverizes coal combustion system boiler mountings and accessories
fludized bed combustion system feed water treatment and dust collection system
site selection of steam power plant


general layout and system description components of diesel power plants
performance lubrication system air intake and admission system
supercharging and exhaust system operation and efficiency calculation
comparative study of diesel and steam power plant site selection of diesel power plant


layout and gas turbine plants design gas turbine fuels cogeneration and maintenance of gas turbine
controls and lubrication combined cycle power plants site selection of gas turbine plants


principle of nuclear energy layout and components of nuclear power plants reactions analysis and waste disposal consideration explanation of various types of reactor


principle of hydrology layout and components and design considerations of hydro power plant applications and site selection run off sizes and units maintenance and controls


principle and components of unconventional methods of power production such as wind, solar, geothermal energy methods and its cost analysis tidal power generation


various types of alternators and its efficiency calculation and electrical system

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