Top 40 Govt.Engineering Institute 2015 for Admission Mechanical Engineering in India

The ranking list of Top government institute is prepared on the basis there placement. infrastucture and previous year

gate cut off. 40% importance is given for placement , 30% for college infrastructure and 30% for last year admitted

students through GATE SCORE. Higher the Rank Holder Admitted Student. Higher is weightage given. Here we are mentioning top 40 College. in india

for Admission Through Gate . Post Your GATE SCORE with All India Rank and Category. So we will Suggest better

College as Per Score.

                     TOP 40 Govt. Institute For M.Tech Admission 2015

1. IISC Bangolore 
2. IIT Bombay 
3. IIT Kanpur
4. IIT Delhi 
5. IIT Madras 
6. IIT Kharagpur
8. TIFR Mumbai
9. IIT Guwahati
10. IIT Roorkee
11. NIT Trichy
12. NIT Calicut
13. PEC Chandigarh 
14. NIT Surathkal
15. NIT Warangel
16. ISM Dhanbad
17. JADAVPUR University, West Bengal
18. College of Engineering, ANNA UNIVERSITY,Guindy Chennai  
19. IIEST Shibpur, West Bengal
20. DTU,Delhi
21. AMU Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
22. IIST, Thiruananthapuram
23. JNCASR, Bangolore
24. MNNIT Allahabad
25. NIT Rourkela
26. SVNIT Surat
27. NIFFT Ranchi
28. VNIT Nagpur
29. NIT Durgapur
30. NIT Jalandher
31. College of Engineering, Pune
32. DIAT Pune
33. RGPIT Rae Bareli 
34. NIT Kurkshetra
35. NIT Jaipur
36. NIT Hamirpur
37. IITDM, Jabalpur   
38. Govt. College of Engineering Thrissur
39. NIT Raipur
40. NIT Jamshedpur

It is Top 40 College. we are not mentioning more other colleges like NITs. or State College because such colleges does not  comes in top 40 rank list.

Post Your GATE SCORE with All India Rank and Category. So we will Suggest better College as Per Your Score.

Solution Manual of Mechanics of Materials by R C Hibbeler 8th Edition PDF Free Download

The Textbook of Mechanics of Materials by R C Hibbeler has great content of solid mechanics. this is the most popular book of the strength of materials. the text of a book is written in lucid and understanding manner. it provides complete solution of solid mechanics problem

Mechanics of Materials also called Strength of Materials is most important subjects of Mechanical, Civil. and Aerospace Engineering

About The Solution Manual of Mechanics of Materials

The subject of matter consists of 14 chapters. starting with Review of stress and strain and end with Energy methods. the problem of each chapter of this book is highly conceptual and with Practically important. This book provides the Different approaches towards Shear Stress Problem Technique.
8th Edition of this book is Improved edition to previous one. Hopefully, students and Instructor both will enjoy this Solution Manual greatly.

 I approved to use Gere and Timoshenko, but begin it to be difficult to read. I was accustomed to R.C. Hibbeler’s Engineering Mechanics books, and admired his autograph appearance and consistent “ease of presenting abstruse engineering capacity in a clear architecture with abounding examples and applied problems.” So I got an archetype of this book and begin it to be actual able-bodied organized, actual readable, actual acceptable abstracts and illustrations, and actually applied and used. So I would awful acclaim this book to all, forthwith R.C. Hibbeler’s added books.

   Table of  Contents

1. Stress.
2. Strain.
3. Mechanical Properties of Materials.
4. Axial Load.
5. Torsion.
6. Bending.
7. Transverse Shear.
8. Combined Loadings.
9. Stress Transformation.
10. Strain Transformation.
11. Design of Beams and Shafts.
12. Deflections of Beams and Shafts.
13. Buckling of Columns.
14. Energy Methods.

Appendix A: Geometric Properties of an Area.
Appendix B: Geometrical Properties of Structural Shapes.
Appendix C: Slopes and Definitions of Beams.
Appendix D: Review for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.


Title: Mechanics of Materials
Author: Russell C. Hibbeler
Edition: 8th Edition
ISBN: 978-0-13-602230-5
Type: eBook | Solutions Manual
Language: English
Size: 56.7 MB

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Recommanded books for Indian Engineering Services (ESE) Mechanical Engineering and General tips

Indian Engineering services examination is the most reputed Examination for Engineers organised by UPSC. ESE has very wide syllabus compared to any other Engineering examination in india. Effective study is much important for cracking examination.if students do constantly Preparation with effective and good books. then they will surely success in ESE.
Here We are Sharing some Good Books and their buy links. these books contain full syllabus of Engineering Services Examination for Mechanical Engineering.

Pattern of Engineering Services Examination (IES)
The pattern of IES is Consists of Five Paper and One Personal Interview. Below is the Details.
Paper First-  General Ability
This is most important Paper. This Paper Consists of General English and General Studies of Indian Polity, History,Geography, Life Science, Information about India and World Relation.
If you really want to crack ESE then you must Prepare for this Paper and 80 Marks Out of 200 Can be good Marks. but remember You will have to be more prepare for your Engineering Portion
General Ability Consists of
English Grammar- You can prepare your English Portion from "High School English Grammar By Wren and Martin " This is most successful book for English book consists great exercise for English learning.

For Synonyms and Antonyms Portion Download The Ebook From Here
This PDF Consists almost all Word which were asked in most competitive Exam like NDA/SCRA/GRE/IFS/ESE

For General Studies Portion Students Can Read Any book which consists Whole Polity, Geography, Life science, Economy, Science and Technology, India and World Relationship etc.

Books for Engineering Portion -
Objective Paper-1  and Convectional Paper-1

These Paper Covers the Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Steam Turbine and Compressors, Hydraulic Turbine, Compressible Flow, I C Engine, Heat and Mass Transfer and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Almost all portion of Thermal Fluid and Power Plant Engineering.

For time saving Study it is better to go through Indian Author Book Instead of Reading Most Standard book. Do not Try to read One Topics from Different book. it is better to read single Best Book for Single Topics. Here is Best book for Paper-1 and Convectional Paper-1

                     Introduction of Fluid Mechanics By Som, Vishwas and SK Choudhary

    Hydraulic Turbine by Jagdish Lal

Steam Turbine and Compressors, and Fans by S M Yahya

Thermodynamics Also consists of Compressible Flow by P K Nag

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning By C P Arora

Heat and Mass Transfer by Cengel or P K Nag

Power Plant Engineering by P K Nag

Internal Combustion Engine by Sharma and M L Mathur

Engineering Portion-2

Objective Paper -2 and Convectional Paper-2

This Portion of Engineering Consists Strength of Materials,Machine Design, Theory of Machines, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering , Materials Science and Knowledge of Computer language such as C and Fortran etc.

                                      Strength of Materials by R K Rajput / B C Punamia

Theory of Machines by SS Rattan

                         Machine Design by V B Bhandari

          Production Engineering by P C Sharma

Industrial Engineering and Production Management by Banga TR and Operations Research by Kanti Swaroop

Materials Science by I P Singh

any question about these information leave your response in comment box

Solution Manual of Fluid mechanics by Fox and Mcdonald Pdf Edition Free download

Here we are posting the solution manual of one of the most selling and most popular book of fluid mechanics by Fox and Mcdonald 5th edition this also covers the solution of all edition (6th, 7th, 8th ) unsolved problem of same writer book. fluid mechanics by Fox and mcdonald very high conceptual book and advisable to read for every mechanical or related engineer. the problems of this book is high conceptual and interesting. it also content the probable question of  most of engineering exam in all country for Indian point of view this book is highly recommended for GATE and IES preparation

Solution Manual of Fluid mechanics by Fox and Mcdonald

Introduction to Internal Combustion Engine by Richard Stone pdf Free Download

In Order to Master in Automobile Engineering field. it is must to understand the Principle of Internal Combustion Engine and Basic Concept.
Introduction of Internal Combustion Engine by Richard Stone is Very Popular book all over world. this book contains the main concept of fuel internal combustion analysis in theoretical as well as Practical way. language of this book is very easy to understand. Readers can easily understand whole idea of ic engine through this book.

About The Subject:
The purpose of internal combustion engines is the production of mechanical
power from the chemical energy contained in the fuel. In internal combustion engines, as distinct from external combustion engines, this energy is released by burning or oxidizing the fuel inside the engine. The fuel-air mixture before combustion and the burned products after combustion are the actual working fluids.The work transfers which provide the desired power output occur directly
between these working fluids and the mechanical components of the engine. The internal combustion engines which are the subject of this book are spark-ignition engines (sometimes called Otto engines, or gasoline or petrol engines, though other fuels can be used) and compression-ignition or diesel engines.

Table of Contents : 

Thermodynamic principles
Combustion and fuels
Spark Ignition Engines
Compression Ignition Engines
Induction and Exhaust Processes
Two-Stroke Engines
In-cylinder Motion and Turbulent Combustion
Engine Modelling
Mechanical Design Considerations
Heat Transfer in Internal Combustion Engines
Experimental Facilities
Case Studies

 Title: Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines
 Author: Richard Stone 
 Edition: 2nd Edition
 ISBN: 1560913908 | 978-1560913900
 Type: eBook
 Language: English      

                                                                         DOWNLOAD LINK 

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                                                           ABOUT THE TEST
All India Barc Online Mock Test for Mechanical Engg. will be held on 1 March 2015. at 12:00 PM. On ROYALMECHANICALBUZZ.BLOGSPOT.COM .  This test will be totally based on BARC OGES/DGES exam syllabus which will held in last March approx. (actual test is not announced.). so that this test will boost your Preparation. also give the indication for Question and exam pattern of real paper. It will be Totally Free for all Candidates

       Login for AIBMT 
   Mock Test Date : 1 March 2015
   Time : 12:00 PM  : Test Duration : 2 Hour
Register Candidate check their e-mail inbox... and Non- Register candidate use below

Any Query related test or any problem with the registration leave the comment below. for password help comment below

Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata PG (M.TECH/M.S.) 2015 Admission


Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata is Centrally Funded institute like other institute IIT/NIT/IISC/IIEST it is based on study of mathematics and Operation Research and Quality Engineering. this is the single most institute of this kind. ISI has great ranking with world competitive college
Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) has Announced the admission for their PG 2015 Program. candidates who qualify in GATE 2014/2015 will directly called for Interview. However if they wanted to select with online test. then they can Apply from both option see Prospectus for details


Applications are invited for the following programmes from the candidates having qualifications as shown against each programme. Candidates who are due to complete the qualifying examinations before 01 July 2015 may also apply. Stipends/Fellowships as mentioned against each programme will be available to the deserving candidates

programm details with their eligibility is listed below. for further details download the prospectus.

2-year M Math: 3-year Bachelor’s degree or a BE/B Tech degree, with Mathematics and an exceptionally strong background in Analysis and Abstract Algebra or a B Stat/B Math degree from ISI. Stipend ₹ 5000/per month (Offered at Bengaluru).

2-year Master of Science (MS) in Quality Management Science: 3-year Bachelor's degree with
Mathematics. Graduate Engineers are also eligible to apply. Stipend ₹ 5000/- per month (Offered at
Bengaluru-Hyderabad, see details in Prospectus).

2-year M Tech in Quality, Reliability and Operations Research: (i) Master's degree in Statistics or Master's degree in Mathematics with Probability and Statistics as major subjects or Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/Technology or equivalent or PG diploma in SQC & OR from ISI and (ii) Knowledge of Mathematics at graduate level and knowledge of Physics and Chemistry at Higher Secondary level. Stipend ₹ 8000/- per month (Offered at Kolkata)

A candidate with a valid GATE scores above a threshold (to be decided by the Selection Committee)
in his/her own subject would be directly called for interview. However, such candidates are required
to apply in the prescribed application form like all other candidates

Application Fee: 600/- for General/OBC and 300/- for SC/ST candidates




On-line Application Starts: 3 February 2015
On-line Application Ends: 3 March 2015
Payment of Application Fee at SBI Branches Starts: 6 February 2015
Payment of Application Fee at SBI Branches Ends: 10 March 2015
Admission Test: 10 May 2015 

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