Principle Stresses

Stress which act on the principle plane (i.e. x or y axes) called principle stress,
 when a material is subjected to direct loading then whithin the material there are two mutually perpandicular stress is developed.
first stress which has the property to bend the material element called " Normal stress" which varies from plane to plane. and
second one is the shear stress which cause the plane material to shear or distorts from anothear plane within the material.
Hence the maximium value of Normal stress act on the plane which makes the angle from horizontal or vertical plane called "Principle Normal stress"
also max. value of shear stress called "Principle Shear stress"
fig. shows the plane which makes the angle 28 dgree (say in fig.) from the horizontal

In fig. it should be noted that the both generated stress (i.e. normal and shear stress) are orthogonal or can be say that mutually normal in every case and any type of loading 

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