How to Differentiates the Thermodynamics properties ?

During interview some engineers may confused about, How way we define thermodynamic properties, from where i start describing
Let i gives idea so that you can Perform better.!

When the interviewer ask from yourself How to define the various properties of thermodynamic & How to differentiate them

Then simple things to do just memorize the concept of mass related with thermodynamics properties so in this way you could describe easily just like As.
Thermodynamics properties are the point functions. they are state variables i.e. used to describing the state of system. variation of points cause change of state.
thermodynamics properties are definite integral that is no integration constant present after integration. it is not depend upon path of system by which particular path is obtained

Intensive properties are the independent of mass of the system that is on increasing or decreasing the mass, they not affected. they are the constant for the particular system, working medium, condition of the system. All specific values(i.e. per unit mass) are intensive properties

let i show a example of intensive properties - the density of working medium is constant throughout the mass i.e. on increasing the mass of working substance it is not increased or decreased. Similarly temperature and pressure are also unaffected by mass

Whereas The Extensive properties are the mass dependent they are varied with mass for example internal energy, entropy, volume etc. But one point should be noted that the specific values of all extensive properties are not comes in  same category.

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