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Applied Thermodynamics by Onkar Singh Very Popular book in india as well as south african, asia and Europe Countries it provides the complete treatments of applications of thermodynamics as well as conceptual understandings of energy and exergy system such as Turbine, Heat Exchanger, Nozzle, Internal Combustion Engine, Compressible Flow Analysis. Onkar Singh is the Former Author of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He is the Great contributor in Indian Engineering Culture. In This Edition of book. Laungauge is smoothly written with great illustrations without any complexity in paragraph Understandings. Highly Conceptualize Numericals on All most all topic of Thermal Engineering. Questions from competitive Examinations like GATE, IAS, IES, DRDO, ISRO etc. is also Included in Various form Of Multiple and Unsolved Problems.
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Author: Onkar Singh       Format: Pdf    Pages : 977    Edition: Third  New Age Pub

Contain of this book included.
Chapter 1 Fundamental Concepts and Definitions 1
Chapter 2 Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics 40
Chapter 3 First Law of Thermodynamics 50
Chapter 4 Second Law of Thermodynamics 97
Chapter 5 Entropy 131
Chapter 6 Thermodynamic Properties of Pure Substance 164
Chapter 7 Availability and General Thermodynamic Relations 202
Chapter 8 Vapour Power Cycles 250
Chapter 9 Gas Power Cycles 330
Chapter 10 Fuel and Combustion 399
Chapter 11 Boilers and Boiler Calculations 436
Chapter 13 Nozzles 564
Chapter 14 Steam Turbines 611
Chapter 15 Steam Condenser 684
Chapter 12 Steam Engine 506
Chapter 16 Reciprocating and Rotary Compressor 706
Chapter 17 Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines 770
Chapter 18 Introduction to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 805
Chapter 19 Jet Propulsion and Rocket Engines 858
Multiple Answer Type Questions

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