SOLUTION MANUAL OF Engineering Mechanics of Solids 2nd Edition by E P. POPOV Pdf download free

Engineering Mechanics of Solids 2nd Edition by Egor P. Popov is very Popular book of mechanics of solid analysis. This book combines and updates two of the author earlier texts, Mechanics of Materials (1976) and Introduction to Mechanics of Solids (1968). This revised supplements the Traditional topics with exposure to some newly engineering Disciplines The solution of this book is Comprehensive in nature and good for advanced learning student as well as Faculty.

This book contain the Solution Manual of Following chapters of this book

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                  1.Stress -Axial loads safety concepts

                 1.1 Basic concepts of Stress
                 1.2 stress analysis of axially loaded members 
                 1.3 Deterministic and Probabilistic Design bases

                 2. Axial Strain and Deformation in bars 
                 2.1 Strain calculation in Statically Indeterminate members
                 3 Generalized Hooks law, Pressure Stress Calculation 

   4. Thick and Thin Walled Cylinders

  5. Torsion analysis Problems (Circular and Non Circular)

  6. Axial force, Shear, and Bending Moment
  7. Pure Bending and Bending With Axial force
  8. Transformation of Stress and Strain 
  9. Yield and Fracture Criteria
 10. Deflections of Beams
 10.1 Deflections by Integration
 10.2 Deflections by Moment Area Method
11. Stability of Column : Buckling Problems
12. Design of Columns
13. Energy Methods and Virtual Works Methods
14. Detail analysis of Statically Indeterminate Problems

Author: E.P.Popov(Solution)        Pub: Pearson(Solution)   Format: Pdf in zip          Pages 977

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