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In Order to Master in Automobile Engineering field. it is must to understand the Principle of Internal Combustion Engine and Basic Concept.
Introduction of Internal Combustion Engine by Richard Stone is Very Popular book all over world. this book contains the main concept of fuel internal combustion analysis in theoretical as well as Practical way. language of this book is very easy to understand. Readers can easily understand whole idea of ic engine through this book.

About The Subject:
The purpose of internal combustion engines is the production of mechanical
power from the chemical energy contained in the fuel. In internal combustion engines, as distinct from external combustion engines, this energy is released by burning or oxidizing the fuel inside the engine. The fuel-air mixture before combustion and the burned products after combustion are the actual working fluids.The work transfers which provide the desired power output occur directly
between these working fluids and the mechanical components of the engine. The internal combustion engines which are the subject of this book are spark-ignition engines (sometimes called Otto engines, or gasoline or petrol engines, though other fuels can be used) and compression-ignition or diesel engines.

Table of Contents : 

Thermodynamic principles
Combustion and fuels
Spark Ignition Engines
Compression Ignition Engines
Induction and Exhaust Processes
Two-Stroke Engines
In-cylinder Motion and Turbulent Combustion
Engine Modelling
Mechanical Design Considerations
Heat Transfer in Internal Combustion Engines
Experimental Facilities
Case Studies

 Title: Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines
 Author: Richard Stone 
 Edition: 2nd Edition
 ISBN: 1560913908 | 978-1560913900
 Type: eBook
 Language: English      

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