30+ Previous Years BARC OGES interview Questions for Mechanical Engineering Students by Kulkarni (KAME) Sir

In month Jan-feb of Every year Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) is conducted the written test for recruiting the young talented engineers for their Trainee Research Program. written test followed by High voltage Interview. They asked some highly conceptual questions in interview. so in order to make your preparation easy

Here We are posting some Previous year Interview Questions. Many of students who is going to appear in the Interview can get general Idea from these questions.


1. Draw Rankine Cycle and give its physical significance of every point.

2. Why not we feed the steam from turbine to boiler? If lower line brought to y=0 then what is the efficiency and physical situation?

3. Pascal's law and Pascal Paradox?

4. SFD and BMD of all possible cases of loading

5. Heat transfer between slabs having temp. gradient, temperature profile. Find thermal conductivity K. 
 Find same thing for a cylinder case.
 modification of temp. profile for both cases when there is heat generation too involved.

6. Details on Thermal conductivity K , and Convection Coeft. h.

7. Modes of Heat transfer? Which is 4th one.

8. Design of shafts is not based on Shear forces. Why?

9. Where to place a pump along vertical head line.

10. Log. profile in heat exchanger? concave or Convex?

11. While inflating a balloon P and V both are increasing. Violets Boiles law. Explain.

12. True and Engg. strain.

13. Stress-strain diagram. Very detailed knowledge reqd.

14. Shear profile in a cross section of a beam.

15. In pelton wheel turbine cup, both outward and inward speed are equal. explain.

16. Cavitation, Water Hammer. Explain.

17. Why wind speed is high in summer.

18 Heat transfer on Horizontal and Vertical plates

19. TEMA standards? 

20. Yield point of Al does not exist. How to decide?

21. Pump and Compressor difference.

22. Efficiency of Carnot cycle why not perfect?

23. Explain PMMs.

24. Questions from favourite papers (tell core conceptual papers).

25. Design of air duct.

26. Charles law , Boyle's law.

27. If 2 cylinders connected by a pipe to allow the gases to diffuse, then draw the PV and TS diagrams of process.

28. Why we opt PV in some cases while TS diagrams in others?

29. Draft Tube?

30. Acceln.-time graph and Velo. time graph interconversion. Questions from Kinematics.


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