Stregth Of materials 3rd edition G.H. Ryder Mcmillan Pub. free download

Below is the link present for downloading STRENGTH OF MATERIALS by
G.H. Ryder Mcmillan pub


On 9/20/12, paramveer sharma <> wrote:
> For the purpose of maximium heat transfer. Sometimes we added extra
> surface area with heat transfered body ( i.e. insulation in case of
> wire cable) so it can transfer maximium heat from the heated body to
> surrounding.
> But Here it should be noted that when we add the surface area for
> increasing the heat flow. The conductive resistance of extra surface
> area will also added to the body. And this will reduced the heat
> transfer rate.
> Hence there is two opposite and inversely phenomenon will happen this
> will eliminates the advantage of surface area addition.
> To reducing this problem it is necessory to examine radius of extra
> surface area which can tranfer maximium heat. This radius of extra
> surface called " CRITICAL RADIUS of INSULATION".
> It can be found by differentiating the overall resistance equation
> w.r. to outer radius of extra surface (i.e. By Maxima and Minima
> theory)

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