Utilization the Wind Energy for the purpose of Mechanical works in Workshop

Project Ideas About - Utilization the Wind Energy for the purpose of Mechanical works in Workshop

Materials & Equipment Needed-
Wind propeller of Good density and compact dimensions , Gear Mechanism (bevel, spur), shaft energy increasing devices 


The energy available in wind can be utilized by various ways. for different application.here we discuss about the uses of wind energy for the application of mechanical works

Mathematical calculations -
energy present in wind propeller = moment of inertia multiplied by square of angular velocity of propeller
hence for large power requirement either moment of inertia or angular velocity or both should be maximum  

Here is the Procedure we Explained

firstly you would stand the tower equipped with wind propeller at height on which the wind velocity is sufficient for rotating the propeller having good moment of inertia. the shaft of propeller is coupled through the bevel gears to the another shaft(vertical) so that power transmitted from the  propeller shaft to vertical shaft . if requirement of power for uses is more. then u can also add some energy increasing devices such pneumatic ,or hydraulic devices with the mediator shaft so that power reaches for mechanical works is sufficient large.

Advantage- the main reason is that no electrical conversion taking place only mechanical transmission occurring so that loss and cost of operation is minimum with good efficiency

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